The general aims of the School’s French curriculum are as follows:

  • To provide the boys with a quality second language programme, leading to the DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Francaise) Prim  language proficiency diplomas (3 levels during primary years: A1.1, A1 and A2).

  • To explore the culture, people, knowledge and language of France and other French speaking countries through the appropriate materials used at school, research projects and cultural trip to France or other French speaking countries.

  • To develop an open-mindedness and a positive attitude towards learning French.

  • To cultivate students’ problem solving, critical thinking skills, speaking and listening skills to discuss, reason and to express their opinions and positions confidently.

  • To broaden their experience through language learning activities that are related to one or more of the other learning areas.

  • To be able to demonstrate exemplary behaviour as ambassadors of the French Stream inside and outside school (e.g. taking part in competitions)