Our School Building

Mr. Thomas Chow, an experienced architect and a DBS old boy, has been entrusted with designing our unique school building. It is a functional and state-of-the-art structure equipped with the latest technology. The construction cost of the primary school is $129 million, which is funded by the Government. The School provides an extra $24 million for additional above-standard facilities. The aggregate gross floor area is approximately 10,977 m2 (118,068 ft2). The School provides our students with an excellent learning and activities environment.


The Primary Division will share the school resources with the Secondary School. There are planned provisions in the Primary Division for:

Others 30 Fully Equipped Classrooms
Roof Roof Gardens, Clock Tower
5/F Art & Craft Room, Remedial Teaching Rooms
4/F Assembly Hall Balcony, Language Centre, Multi-Media Library
3/F General Studies Room, Music Room, Assembly Hall, Multi-Media Library, Chinese Culture Room
2/F Staff Room
1/F Computer Centre, Conference Room, Student Activity Centre, Multi-Purpose Room, Rock Climbing Area, Covered Playground, Student Guidance Room, Tuck Shop, Kitchen
G/F Basketball Court, Play Areas

Flash Animation of School Facilities

All rooms are fully air-conditioned.

Students of the Primary Division will also be able to use the facilities of the Secondary School.