The French Language has been one of the core language subjects offered to DBS students for a century. It has also been taught at DBSPD since its founding in 2004.

Some key figures about French Language:

  • the 2nd most learnt foreign language after English
  • the 3rd most used language in the business world
  • the 4th language most commonly used on the internet
  • the 5th most spoken language with 274 million speakers in the world.


Since 2016, an Elementary French programme has been launched, offering 2 periods (1 hour) a week of French lessons to all Grade 1 students. At the end of the year, some students will be invited to pursue their studies in French Language in Grade 2 by taking a yearlong French Language Electives Programme. This programme has been temporarily suspended due to the half-day schooling arrangements as required by the EDB

Since 2018, entry points at DBSPD for the French Stream have been offered at different levels:

  • Grade 1
  • Grade 5

Please note that entries are possible at other grade levels, provided that students sit for an entrance test and demonstrate that their language competency matches the level of the class.

For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Alexandra Morley, Head of the French Department via