French Language has been taught at DBS for almost a century. The language has been taught at DBSPD since the launch of the Primary Division in 2004.

Some key figures about French Language:

  • the 2nd most learnt foreign language after English

  • the 3rd most used language in the business world

  • the 4th language most commonly used on the internet

  • the 5th most spoken language with 274 million speakers

Since 2016, an Elementary French has been launched with 2 periods (1 hour) a week for all Grade 1 students. At the end of the year, students will be offered the possibility to pursue their studies in French Language in Grade 2 by taking a yearlong French Language Electives Programme.

Since 2018, entry points at DBSPD for the French Stream are offered at different levels:

  • Grade 1

  • Grade 5

For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Alexandra Morley, Head of the French Department.