School Badge

DBS Logo

This is the updated new badge of the school. A black and white outline version is this:

Black and white outline school badge

The idea of this badge is adapted from the former Diocese of Hong Kong and Macao. The badge is divided into seven elements, which are explained as follow.

Elements (in alphabetical order) Explanation
Bible Bible The book placed in the middle of the shield is the Bible, which is a record of the self-disclosure of God in history - the history of the people of Israel in the Old Testament period and the life of Jesus Christ. The doctrine, discipline and worship of the Anglican Church is based on the Bible and must be in accordance with its teaching.
Crown Crown Placed above the Bible, the crown is the symbol of the kingship of Christ. It indicates that the Church works in the world in obedience to Christ and to the glory of God.
Crozier Crozier The symbol of the pastoral responsibility which the Church bears for the world. It is also known as the pastoral staff. It reminds the Church of its humble identity as servant.
Key Key The symbol of authority which the Church receives from Christ.
Mitre Mitre The mitre is the traditional headgear worn by bishops. As a symbol, its meaning is twofold. It shows that the Anglican Church is an episcopal church, a church guided by bishops. It also underlines the fact that the Anglican Church has inherited the faith of the Apostles.
Shell Shell Placed beneath the Bible, the shell is used to symbolise Baptism. It underlines the evangelistic mission of the Church which is to preach the Gospel, to draw people to Christ and to baptise them.
Shield Shield The shape of a shield signifies the defending of Christian faith in the temporal world.